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Since 1995, NutraSense has recognized the importance of sourcing the highest quality American made ingredients backed by clinical research. Selectively chosen for purity and quality, and manufactured under strict U.S. procedures, NutraSense offers pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements unsurpassed in quality by other mass-marketed brands.

Note: All of the products offered are made in the USA; Only a few of the ingredients in a few products are sourced elsewhere. Please ask if you’re unsure.

Shop for: Joint Care Products, Immune System & GI Support, Muscle & Mental Performance, Weight Management, Vitamins & Minerals, Specialty Supplements and Pet Products.

NutraSense Also Offers Nutritional Supplements for Pets

Consumer research shows that we care what type of products we are giving to our pets to maintain their health, just as we care where our supplements and food ingredients come from. Remember the pet food recalls from tainted Chinese ingredients over the past couple of years? The NutraSense Company carries a line of nutritional supplements for dogs that are top quality and made in America. In fact, our Joint Health for Dogs is made with the same raw materials and the same strict U.S. certifications and manufacturing compliances as our human label. They contain NO fillers such as wheat, yeast, soy, corn or sugar.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are natural substances found in the body of all living animals. They are at their highest concentration in cartilage. In normal, healthy, and especially young animals, the body is able to synthesize enough glucosamine to keep the existing cartilage healthy. As the animal ages and/or damages the joint, it cannot produce enough to keep up with the body’s needs and requires supplementation which is needed for pain management and increased flexibility and mobility. In addition to Joint Health Glucosamine & Chondroitin for dogs, NutraSense carries other pet products which are made in the USA: Trophy Animal Care’s EMT wound healing Spray & Gel, SureGrow chewable calcium tablets, and ProZyme all-natural Enzyme Powder.


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