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Micro Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation Made in USA

Mister Landscaper

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http://www.buydirectusa.com/images/mister-landscaper/mister-landscaper-image-2.jpgMister Landscaper Drip & Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Products give homeowners the ability to water their landscapes and gardens just like professional growers irrigate their nurseries and groves. These low-volume Micro & Drip Irrigation products can save a minimum of 50% more water than conventional sprinklers and underground irrigation products. Built to last in the most extreme climates and requiring very little maintenance, you will be happy you selected “Mister Landscaper Products.”

Proudly manufactured in the USA

From the beginning, Mister Landscaper has had an unwavering commitment to quality. The products are manufactured right here in the USA and are made using some of the finest materials available.

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