Heavy Duty Dog Crates Made in USA

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Heavy Duty Dog Crates Made in USA

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Heavy Duty Dog Crate Escape Proof Aluminum Construction (Stationary Crate Size: Large 35Our durable heavy duty dog crates are specifically designed for strong dogs. These dog crates can save a dog’s life if they suffer from separation anxiety or other conditions such as noise phobia. Our brand name dog crates are your solution to managing your dog’s confinement. If you have a strong dog, you need one of our super-strong Indestructible heavy duty dog crates. Use these commercial quality crates to manage strong dogs with dog behavioral problems, while keeping your home from being torn apart by your unattended pet. Our Indestructible heavy duty dog crates range from 30″ to 54″ in length to accommodate a variety of medium to large size dogs.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates – Stationary

This heavy duty strongest aluminum stationary dog crate is perfect for dogs and dog owners who have no regular need for mobility. A stationary crate is just that. It is not collapsible.

These crates are a bit larger than our line of collapsible crates. These handsome crates are designed with crisp edges, secure door design, marine grade slam door latch and, they’re stackable too. Because of construction materials, production methods and workmanship these heavy duty aluminum dog crates bring with them a Lifetime Warranty.

Use the crates the professionals use! Yes, it’s true. These crates are approved for use by the U.S. Military for their working dogs. These handsome crates are also certified for use in both military and civilian aircraft. They are vented on all sides plus, they have airline rails on the sides. Always confirm regulations with your airline.

Proudly Made in America using .063 sturdy, long lasting high quality aluminum. Our unique design and welded rivet construction has made this an “escape-proof” dog crate. Because of the aluminum material these crates are very lightweight with the XXL crate weighing in at just 57 lbs.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates – CollapsibleOur strongest collapsible heavy duty aluminum dog crates are made for dogs and dog owners on the go. The setup is easy. It takes about a minute and your crate is ready. Now you can take your dog with you on holiday or just to Grandma’s house. This means you no longer need to board your dog or get someone to come in your house to check on and care for your dog while you are away. So “get mobile” with one of our 3 sizes of collapsible heavy duty aluminum dog crates. Proudly Made in America

These crates are:

  • Collapsible
  • Super-Strong
  • Escape Proof

Heavy Duty Dog Crate Escape Proof Steel Wire ConstructionSuper-Duty Wire Dog Crates

  • Floor made of 16 Gauge Aluminum Diamond Plate
  • Lockable Door Latch (See image top of page for special locking mechanism)
  • Welded Latch System
  • Extra provisions for Padlock
  • Welded Hinges
  • The door opens on the end of the heavy duty dog crate. The entire end of the dog crate opens. This means that getting your dog in and out of your new heavy duty dog crate will be much easier.
  • No steping up and in. Your dog simply walks in and out of the crate.
  • There aren’t any assembly instructions. Your new heavy duty dog crate comes fully assembled. It is delivered to your home or business strapped securely to a pallet.
  • Made to order. It takes approximately 1 week to make your new dog crate ready for shipment. It takes approximately 1 week to get the product to you.

Order your first quality heavy duty dog crate today! Available in Heavy Duty Aluminum Dog Crates and Super-Duty Wire Dog Crates.

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