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Made in the USA for 50 years.

Bates Mill Store

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Bates Mill Store

The Bates Mill Store is a proud retailer of Made in USA bedding, blankets and more. All of our products are traditionally woven by Maine Heritage Weavers, a family-owned textile manufacturer founded by former Bates Manufacturing President, Fred Lebel, and his daughter, Linda Cloutier.

Shop Bates Mill Store for Bedspreads, Blankets, Coverlets, Throws, Pillow Shams & Curtains.

Below are some of the quality products offered by Bates Mill Store.

Cable Weave Blanket, Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread, Hampton Roads Throw and Abigail Adams Pillow Shams.

Cable Weave Blanket  Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread

Hampton Roads Throw  Abigail Adams Pillow Shams


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