Bat Houses Made in USA

Bat Houses Made in USA

Full Description

Shop for BCI certified Bat Houses Made in the USA in Holly, Michigan. Our bat houses are hand made to order using cedar to keep it weather resistant. When you purchase a bat house you are giving bats a safe place to roost and at the same time helping to protect the bat population.

Three Reasons to Add a Bat House to Your Backyard:

  • Gives female bats a safe place to raise their young.
  • Bats guano is a natural fertilizer. Which is a win-win for your garden and flowers.
  • Bats help cut down on annoying insects like mosquitoes in your backyard.

Why Choose Our Bat Houses:

  • 100% American Made in Michigan.
  • Certified by Bat Conservation International (BCI).
  • All of our bat house boxes meet the recognized standards developed by the BCI.
  • Made out of 13/16 inch rough sawn northern cedar.

Order Your Bat House today! Buy American for America